Andrew Sayer pointed to this terrific Twitter search engine this morning: Terraminds.

Let’s say you wanted to know what people on Twitter had been saying about… Telstra, for example.

tehdeejay Ok twitteroos, answer me this: is it negligence for an IT company to recommend Telstra retail products for all their business clients? 12 hours ago
jordanbrock day wasted in a fog of telstra and vista. grrrrr. 18 hours ago
CathyE @zzap who will you pay out about Telstra broadband now?! 😛 19 hours ago
harrisonx @andrewbarnett my sister moved to three from telstra last month because telstra’s cap plans are a waste of time. go with three, better value 1 day ago
andrewbarnett Does Telstra 3G offer any cap plans comparable to Three, etc.? Paid $80 for calls last month on Telstra, would have been $20 elsewhere. 1 day ago
jjprojects @NickHodge So the N95 / Telstra NextG combo is a good one then? 1 day ago
NickHodge Dear Telstra NextG. I Love u. Nick 1 day ago

…. or about TPN:

ssharwood @joshglid. crikey. ninemsn. mooter? dark horizons , tpn? 13 minutes ago
NickHodge @joshglid ++TPN 15 minutes ago
britcaster TPN :: The Edinburgh Fringe Show The Edinburgh Fringe 2007 Show #21 – And Now, The End Is Near 22 minutes ago
cameronreilly watching geeks talking a language I don’t understand in a TPN IT skype conf chat 27 minutes ago
cameronreilly TPN really needs help from a server guru 2 hours ago
andrewbarnett Loading iPod Shuffle for the day TPN G’Day World podcast, Bloc Party, Thom Yorke, some DJ Slater mixes 4 hours ago
cameronreilly no sleep last night, kept getting Alertsite phone calls saying TPN’s servers are down… WTF? Trying to get my IT guys on the phone.. 5 hours ago
The_Rooster TPN aint back… 11 hours ago
cameronreilly TPN is back 11 hours ago
cameronreilly @metarand Tpn has an entire podcast on education 2.0 1 day ago
cameronreilly TPN launches “The Connections Show”, all about social networking tools. 2 days ago

And you can subscribe to these searches via RSS as well. I haven’t seen anything else that does this on Twitter yet. Very cool.