I was reading Chris Brogan’s 4th of July inspirational post (nice work btw Chris) and it reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to talk about on the show for sometime.

It’s my understanding that American “Independence” was mostly about the British East India Company deciding to buy itself a country to escape the pressures of regulation in England. It’s a little understood fact that for the first 12 months of US “independence”, the American flag was actually the BEIC flag. Check out this article. So the 4th of July is really about celebrating that moment when a corporation (one of the world’s first corporations) actually managed to buy itself a whole country to call it’s very own.

If you haven’t read much about the East India Company, I highly recommend it. It’s a fascinating tale. It was their products that were involved in the Boston Tea Party (they had a monopoly on selling tea to American) and there have been suggestions over the years that the EIC was involved in deliberately starting the whole debacle in order to escalate tensions.