G’Day World “On The Pod” #34 – Shel Israel

Shel Israel is a God amongst insects. Recovering publicist. Blogger. Author. Raconteur (I’m actually not sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure Shel is one anyway… just sounds kinda right). Friend of the rich and famous. Champion of the poor and downtrodden. Hell, he was even featured in Forbes magazine earlier in the year.

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t know a decent cup of coffee if it bit him on backside, but hey, he’s a yank, so we’re cutting him some slack. 🙂

The G’Day World tip jar

As you know, Mick and Cam have been full-time podcasters since January. In that time, they have continued to produce the G’Day World show as well as launch 22 other shows on The Podcast Network. We estimate that TPN now produces in the range of 100 hours of top quality audio programming every month! And you get it all – for free.

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On The Pod #33 with Andy Singleton

Andy Singleton is the President of a software company in Needham, Mass. called Assembla. He recently wrote an article in IT Journal entitled “Is The Enterpise Software Licensing Business Dying?” which got a lot of attention on sites like Slashdot, so I thought we should get him on the show to discuss his ideas in more depth.

Want to be the coolest geek in your office?

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Gday World – The Blogtalk Downunder Sessions #2

OK…managed to put a number of 5-10 minute interviews with key people from the Blogtalk Downunder conference into one show.

I talk with:

Enjoy 🙂