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Your Story Ep 32 : Andrew. Trash Video, Film Making and Filipino Search for Wang Wang.

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My mate Ian Kath (@iankath) who joined me on last week’s live podcast, does his own terrific podcast “Your Story”. I listened to his most recent episode where he interview Andrew Leavold, owner of Brisbane’s infamous “Trash Video”. It’s a terrific story about a guy with a passion for obscure films who realizes his dream to own a boutique video store but it’s more than that. Andrew also is making a documentary about forgotten Filipino “midget-xploitation” film star “Weng Weng”. You have to check out the clips on Ian’s site to realize how brilliant this guy was. An 84cm-tall action film star who made James Bond spoofs – as the James Bond character. And listen to Andrew’s story, it’s one of the most entertaining podcasts I’ve heard in ages.