Evernote “Use With Siri” iOS 11

I updated my iPad Pro and iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 11 today and noticed under Settings > Siri & Search > Evernote on the iPad this new “Use With Siri” option. I turned it on, tried a few things, but nothing worked. So I posted on the Evernote forum and DT Low gave me the secret mantra.

Hey Siri   Create a note in Evernote called Testing

Hey Siri    Find a note in Evernote

The first time I tried this on the iPad, Siri told me something like “I’m sorry (Dave, but I can’t do that) – you’ll need to open Evernote to continue.” So I let her do that and that’s where the experiment ended. But I tried again, invoking Siri from the lock screen, and TADA. It worked. Now I can create and search notes using Siri! I can die a happy man.
Except – the “Use With Siri” option doesn’t appear on the iPhone 7 Plus and I don’t know why.

evernote ios 11 use with siri

Update: Doh! To get it working on the iPhone I just had to update the Evernote app!

Lou Reed Bids Farewell To The Wild Side

This has to be one of the last times Lou ever performed his biggest hit live. I saw him play live twice over the years and never saw him play it.

Speaking of Lou, I stumbled across this VERY high quality live bootleg from 9 October 1974 (the day before my 4th birthday), the “Sally Can’t Dance” Tour, featuring Prakash John on bass but without Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter, who had left his touring band by this stage (ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL was recorded ten months earlier). This was the tour where journalist Nick Kent from NME commented that Lou looked like a “ravaged monkey”.

The latest version of Garageband iOS is really a fun composing tool. I spent my lunchbreak adding a guitar track to a song I’ve been working on. So much fun.

I”ve been working on client stuff all day, now I’m going to try to get in a few hours on the documentary.

Getting Audio Notes Into Evernote

Getting Audio Notes Into Evernote

UPDATE 2015-05-12: I found an even better solution!

I’m an Evernote junky. I live in Evernote and have done since I first discovered it on September 11, 2008. As someone with a terrible memory chip, I use Evernote as my plug-in brain. It stores everything I see, hear, read and every idea I ever have.

One of the problems I’ve been dealing with lately is trying to record audio notes into Evernote while I’m driving. I don’t know about you, but for some reason I have lots of ideas while I’m sitting behind the wheel. And I need a quick way to record them before they disappear forever. Even though Evernote’s iPhone app has an audio record function, it’s too clunky to get to while driving. You have to

1. Turn on your phone.

2. Find the Evernote app and click on it to open.

3. Wait a few seconds for it to load.

4. Click the tiny plus button in the top right-hand corner to create a new note.

5. Click in the body of the note to activate the recording functions.

6. Click the tiny and almost invisible audio recording button at the top of the screen.

7. Record what you want to say.

8. Hit the tiny “done” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

9. Hit the “Close” button to save the note.

If I went through this process every few minutes while driving, I’d survive about a week.

So I was looking around for an iPhone audio app that would allow me to record and sync with Evernote with one click. And I think I’ve found it.

It’s called Siri.

First I made sure that my Evernote “Email Notes to” address was listed under my Contacts app as “My Evernote”. Now I can just activate Siri and say “Email to My Evernote……” and tell it what to say. Siri asks if I want to send it, I say yes and I’m done.

Added benefit: I don’t need to transcribe the note when I’m back in Evernote on my Macbook – Siri does the work for me!

Thanks to @jjprojects for the hint!

use siri to get audio notes into evernote

use siri to get audio notes into evernote


Sascha’s Hacked iPad Case

Made for me today by SaschaV:

1. Take one Gecko Glove.
2. Take one re-usable plastic handle from the top of a monitor box.
3. Take your Stanley knife and make a couple of slits in the back of the Glove.
4. Insert the ends of the handle.

Ta-da! Now you have a convenient handle for your iPad. Sascha told me he contacted the folks at Gecko to see if they would be interested if he put together an instructional video on how to make one, and got a ‘yeah whatever” response.

My Top 15 iPad Apps

Getting an iPad?

Here’s my TOP 15 apps you should definitely check out.

Zinio: the iPad is great for reading magazines and although the Zinio app is (at present) a little clunky, it does the job.

Sketchbook: draw everything from simple diagrams and flowcharts to works of art.

Word Monkey: awesome game to work your brain.

Lifelike Clock: the app that wakes me up in the morning.

Analytics: check your site stats on the fly.

GoodReader: read PDFs with ease, great integration with Dropbox.

1Password: never forget your passwords again.

ABC (as in Australian Broadcasting Corporation): Watch TV, listen to the radio, read the news.

Reeder: Amazing RSS reader that integrates with Google Reader.

Dropbox: Get access to all of your files from your iPad.

Evernote: Take notes, retrieve notes, anywhere, anytime. I live in this app.

Twitterific: Very slick Twitter app.

Remote: Control your music collection from your iPad. Will be nicer when they come out with a true iPad version.

Stanza: Read the latest books and the classics. Unlike Apple’s iBooks app, you can actually buy books to read outside the USA. And they are usually a quarter of the price.

Osmos: AMAZING game, probably the most beautiful iPad app I’ve seen. Mesmerizing.