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Richard and I had a CEO Club meeting today… CEO Club is something we just invented and we think it’s going to be huge. It’s invite only, CEO’s only, and it takes place in a range of bars…. on a Monday. We intend to have them on a regular basis around the world over the next decade. I hope you get to join us. Here are some photos from the inaugural CEO Club event in Perth today.

CEO Club 1

CEO Club 2

What did we talk about at CEO Club? You. Wondering why you weren’t here. Wondering what you are doing with you life. Oh and how we’re going to change the world.

A funny true story – we were leaving Little Creatures, a boutique brewery in Freo where we had lunch, and as we walked out of the front door I ran into my best mate from Melbourne who happened to be having lunch there as well, neither of us knowing the other was in Perth. Small world. Oh, he’s a CEO as well.

This was after we had visited Bon Scott’s grave.

Bon Scott's gravesite

You can see more here.

8 thoughts on “CEO Club

  1. Susie – not at all! We love the ladies.

    Michael L – we’ll definitely have to have a CEO Club in the World’s Cleanest City!

    Mike M – Great site! I like this idea:

    Bob – yeah we’re like the YPO but without the snobbery. You don’t have to have an annual turnover of x million or x number of staff.

    Ben – yeah sure, sole traders are da bomb!

    Jono – yeah man totally. You’re in!

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