GDAY WORLD!!! #149 with Roger Williams

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About a week ago on this blog I mentioned that I’d just read an amazing book called “The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect” (aka MOPI). Today on the show I’m very excited to have the author of that book, Roger Williams. Roger talks to me from his home in New Orleans about the genesis of the book, why it has never been published, the sequel he’s writing, his other fiction, the Singularity, and what life is like in New Orleans 12 months after Hurricane Katrina.
Get MOPI here

Find Roger’s other fiction here

Read up on “The Singularity” and what others are saying about it

Listen to my interview with Ray Kurzweil from late 2005

Read up on Eliezer Yudkowsky who you’ll hear Roger mention a few times

3 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD!!! #149 with Roger Williams

  1. Great show Cam, really good interview. Roger is a really interesting guy. I had no idea things were still so bad in New Orleans. Cheers, Nathan.

  2. Wow!
    What a fantastic read!
    It reads like a movie script, a story I’d love to see on screen. Looking forward to reading more of Roger’s writings.

    It was heartbreaking to hear a firsthand account of life in New Orleans today, because we aren’t hearing much through the media anymore, so I was hoping things had improved far more.

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