I can’t remember who or when, but sometime in the last year someone (to whom I am extremely grateful) recommended to me this 1994 book by Roger Williams: "The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect". Yesterday I was sitting in the kid’s piano lesson, scrolling through the hundreds of ebooks on my PDA, looking for something to pass away the time, and discovered it. I started reading and I was BLOWN. AWAY. This is without a doubt the best post-singularity fiction book I have ever read. Sorry Cory – it’s even better than "Down And Out".

"Metamorphosis" deals with the ramifications of a superpowerful computer that can alter reality after a technological singularity as well as how the descendants of post-singularity humanity deal with the boredom that would come with being able to manipulate the universe at will. Brilliant, totally freaking brilliant.

Thank you, Long Tail, for making this book available.

By the way, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m also reading Chris Anderson’s "The Long Tail" and it’s also brilliant. I’m continually being struck with how well Chris is able to articulate concepts I’ve been trying to convey in my own muddled way for the last couple of years. I guess being a trained journalist has benefits after all. 🙂

Almost every paragraph in Long Tail is a quote you want to be able to recite. If I was still using highlighters, I know this is one of those books that would have more highlighted space than white.