G’Day World #303 – Paul O’Keefe, The Kelly Gang

Note: I just realized I introduce this show as #302 when it’s actually #303. Meh.

As you may know, I’ve recently become slightly obsessed about Ned Kelly. While I’ve been interested in the subject for several years, since I realized during a trip to Glenrowan in 2004 that I didn’t know much of the story, a recent trip to the Old Melbourne Gaol prompted me to investigate further.

Here’s the thing people: Ned Kelly was and is a true Australian hero. He wasn’t a “bushranger” – he was a freedom fighter, an Irish Catholic who stood up to the British Protestant authorities and threatened them with a rebellion. He was a political leader, whose life and career was brutally cut short by corrupt authorities. He is a hero who gave his life to make a stand and we should celebrate him as a hero.

My guest tonight, Paul O’Keefe, is a direct descendant of the Kelly Gang, who travels to schools around the country to set the story straight.

Links for further reading:

  1. Paul’s site: Kelly Gang Educational Services
  2. Ned Kelly: Iron Outlaw
  3. Wikipedia: Ned Kelly
  4. The Jerilderie Letter

Ned Kelly armour

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6 thoughts on “G’Day World #303 – Paul O’Keefe, The Kelly Gang

  1. as a massive napolean fan to hear something about our own famous warrior was great. I to did not know the true story and i have been taught that Ned Kelly was a crimnal and a Bushranger and someone not to be applauded.
    Now i know there is a different side to the story i will be looking into it a bit further, it makes more sense he behaved the way he did when you hear his about his reasons.

    Thanks cam that was a great insight and good interview, i think Paul O’keefe did really well and would love to hear more about it.

  2. Hi Cam,

    We met some time back when the fledgling G’Day world was just starting.. get in touch I’d be keen to tell you more about Ned (a distant relative on my fathers side) and my latest exciting venture…

  3. Hi Cam:

    Loved the Ned Kelly show…. great stuff. I have a bit of a passion for Ned Kelly; and over time have waivered between thinking he was a criminal, a visionary, a shit-stirrer, a victim, or a political figure. He is probably somewhere in the middle, and without question, a legend of Australian History.

    I liked how you probed about the sash Ned wore at Glenrowan…. I think the symbolism of that is huge.

    More generally though, what I like about the Kelly story is that it is one of the few tales of our history that is broadly known, discussed and debated. And everyone has an opinion. Paul O’Keefe is very much on the side of Kelly being a bit of a victim and the leader of a failed revolution in NE Victoria. Talk to the descendants of Kennedy and McIntyre you’ll get a very different view.

    If you ever get the chance head up to Beechworth. Other than being a great town with a fantastic bakery, you can trudge around checking out all kinds of Kelly sites. And the Burke Museum is fascinating…

    And congrats on 300 Shows!

  4. Hi Cam,

    Long time listener, first time poster.

    The Ned Kelly Gday World podcast has to be one of the best podcasts ive listened to for a very long time. Looking forward to more podcasts on the Kelly Gang.

    Keep up the great work with TPN… Cheers!

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