G’Day World #336 – The Sammartino Method (aka How To Get Rich Slowly and Surely)

Steve Sammartino is not only the founder of Rentoid.com (see G’Day World #306), he’s also one of the smartest money managers that I’ve ever met.

By age 33, Steve had built up a big enough share portfolio to be able to quit his corporate marketing job and live completely on the dividends. That was two years ago. Today, he tells me how he did it – and how you can do it to. Steve’s system is foolproof and doesn’t require you to know anything about shares or companies or the market. He calls it a “set and forget” system. I call it “The Sammartino Method” and I think we should all listen to this show over and over again. Then we should play it to our kids. Steve’s system is so simple and basic that everyone can do it. As he says in the show “All it takes is discipline.”

If you aren’t financially independent (and I’m not), then you can’t ever really be in control of your lifestyle. Steve will never have to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to. Imagine the choices you would have in your life if you were in that situation in ten years.

The two books that Steve recommends you read are:

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28 thoughts on “G’Day World #336 – The Sammartino Method (aka How To Get Rich Slowly and Surely)

  1. Bravo Cameron and Steve. I’m really enjoying listening to this. Thank you for sharing this simple, sound advice. I went out and bought “The Intelligent Investor” for starters. Much appreciation for taking the time to make the podcast.

  2. Thanks Cam & Steve. Top notch podcast..what i was waiting for. Look forward to following through on his advice.


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  4. Hi Cameron,

    Great show – is there any chance of getting Steve to mention the actual product that is only $5000 to invest in because currently I can only see ones on the Vanguard site that are significantly more than this.

    No worries if you can’t I will continue searching.



  5. Steve sez:

    Not sure what the situation is in the USA, but in Australia the entry amount is $5000.

    Links below the Australian Prospectus for Vanguard:

    My recommendations are these two particular index funds in Australia:

    1st – Australia Share index fund – entry $5000


    2nd – Interntiional Share Index ‘hedged’


    Actually here is the USA – share index for S&P 500 – from vanguard USA site.

    https://personal.vanguard.com/us/funds/fees?FundId=0040&FundIntExt=INT – minimum initial investment is only $3000. Good time to get in too.

    https://personal.vanguard.com/us/funds/fees?FundId=0113&FundIntExt=INT – USA ‘International Stock index. Also $3000


  6. Hi Steve,

    Would books like:

    What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know: How You Can Build Real Wealth Investing in Index Funds (Paperback)
    by Larry E. Swedroe (Author)

    … be worth buying?

    I was looking for a good beginner’s book on index funds.

    I promise that is my last question.

    Kind Regards


  7. Hi Steve,

    Before I wrote my last comment I had written a long reply thanking you and asking for advice on UK products. Unfortunately this somehow didn’t get posted and I know it would take 20 mins to put together again because I had researched a number of links.

    Fundamentally I wanted to know what the options were for a Brit because I could only find one plan and it was £100,000 to set up. Can I invest in the products you list even though I am from the UK?

    Many thanks for any advice.

    Kind Regards


  8. Can’t wait for the real estate side as it would seem to me to conflict directly with the index fund investment.

    Please bring in on soon!

  9. Hi Cam and Steve,

    Over the last few weeks I have done some research for people living in the UK looking to invest in a Vanguard index fund.

    It isn’t great news but here is the official line:

    “The Vanguard Investment Series Funds (Irish Funds) are registered for sale in the UK and the minimum initial investment is $100,000 USD.

    Unfortunately, Vanguard does not have equivalent or similar products to those referenced in your previous email. In regards to the Australian and US Funds, they are only available to the respective residents of these countries

    Vanguard International Client Service”

    I just thought I would post this to save other Brits trying to find similar products.



  10. Andy, I shot your comment through to Steve and here’s his response:

    I did a bit of homework for you and there are many other ‘Investment firms’ in the UK which do Index funds. I’d recommend going with Fidelity a US based firm which operates in UK and does a FTSE index in UK pound sterling which will then avoid currency risk.(it carries about 750 stocks) Here’s a link to the fund profile below:


    The minimum investment here is £500 with small additions allowed. I’ve attached the prospectus below which features said fund on page 49.


    Let me know if there are any other queries.

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