G’Day World #347 – Microsoft TechEd 2008

Ahh…. Microsoft. I love ya. Where do they get so many folks who can’t cope once they lose their powerpoint cheat sheet?

In the first of a series of interviews with Microsoft folks from the last couple of weeks, today I present a few interviews I did at their TechEd 2008 event in Sydney.

In order of appearance, I chat with:

Gary Gross, Director of Customer Partner Connection Mobile Information Worker Division;
Michael Kordahi and Shane Morris, Evangelists for Silverlight (and other stuff);
Reed Schaffner, Product Manager, Microsoft Office

We talk about why Apple is kicking Microsoft’s ass on the mobile front; why the porn industry isn’t using Silverlight; and why Microsoft Office is (or isn’t) boring.

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2 thoughts on “G’Day World #347 – Microsoft TechEd 2008

  1. Fantastic. Rather than compete with WebKit-based browsers, Microsoft chose to shoehorn a seven year old copy of IE6 into new devices.

  2. Can you believe he said that putting ie6 in windows mobile 6 is exciting? ie6 is 7 years old. Web designers around the world are uniting to try and get microsoft to finally make ie6 end of life. You would think they would be trying to kill off ie6 not create more systems reliant on it.

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