We are slowly catching up on our backlog of shows, and in this release of “On the Pod” (recorded in early February) we talk to Ewan Spence all the way from Scotland.

Ewan runs the “All About” group of websites (including AllAboutSymbian.com) and is also a published author…a little bit of disclosure here as well…since recording this show he has also started doing a show for The Podcast Network called The Mobiles Show.

Ewan is an absolute blast to interview and we talk about Kylie Minogue, Bouncer from Neighbours, all sorts of things about Symbian, Microsoft Mobiles Platform and other phone OS’s vs Symbian, music and mobile phones and other devices (Nokia vs Apple and the iPod??), software certification, OS market pentration, what phone does Ewan use (or…whats in his podzilla), N-Gage and Series 60, Splinter Cell and gaming on mobiles, Mobile phone names, his kilt and Crow, the “All About” websites, listening to podcasts on his Sony Mini-disk and his upcoming (at the time) trip to 3GSM.