Radio Lab Knocks It Out Of The Park Yet Again

This episode of Raido Lab on deception is just brilliant – as they usually are – in it’s choice of subject matter, it’s production approach, selection of guests, editing – everything. Really drives me crazy how good these folks are, in an inspiring kind of way. Makes me ask the question “how can I make my shows this good?”
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Show #402

Friday, February 29, 2008

We look at lies, liars, and lie catchers, and ask: can you lead a life without deception? We consult a cast of characters, from pathological liars to lying snakes to drunken psychiatrists, to try and understand the dark trait of deception.

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5 thoughts on “Radio Lab Knocks It Out Of The Park Yet Again

  1. 1. pick a story / topic
    2. find interesting people to interview
    3. record with post production / story in mind
    4. post-produce and edit to match the story, not forgetting audio is an art form

  2. hehe yeah sounds easy! You forgot:

    5. Spend 100 hours editing it, using a team of skilled audio engineers.

    They must spend FOREVER on that show each week. But I agree with you that there are some simple fundamentals. They also interview 3 – 6 people per episode, probably for an hour each, when is then whittled down and blended in. A lot of work for one show. Not many podcasters would get a weekly show if they followed that approach. So perhaps we should try for a stellar monthly show instead of an average weekly show? I’ve been thinking a lot about that.

  3. Hey Cam, thanks for this. I’ve been downloading these shows like a crazy person looking for sanity. I seem to have become a sponge for knowledge lately… partly thanks to you, Bob, Niz et al

    I especially liked the mortality ep. After listening to your aubrey show, I now actually agree that we could easily extend life to at least 500 years… probably more.

    They explain everything so clearly that I’ve been awash with new connections and possibilities.

    I didn’t know that cells can be frozen and will ‘remember’ where they left off. I didn’t know about the 50 mark either and how that could be extended. I always saw the planet as one big cell. So it seems that from time to time it pauses, as in freezes over and then picks up after this pause and once reheated continues. So if it doesn’t freeze it’ll need something to extend the cell doubling? No point in going for mortality if we’ll have to keep on moving before a big freeze over.

    That probaby didn’t make too much sense, but anyway – can you recommend a book for me on how cellular activity works and how we can extend the doubling – like a starter book of sorts.

    I guess I have to see these things on a ‘poetic’ level since I’m not to ‘science-y’

  4. Damn – the amount of editing and the number of tracks involved in a production like this is astonishing. Yes I agree Cam – it sounds easy but is in fact quite a complicated and time consuming process.

    The way that we make shows like this is to get paid and do it full time. It would seriously take that much time.

    Impressed. Great content as well… but the audio is what got me.

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