5 thoughts on “The Luckiest People In History

  1. No need to go back into history.
    I was watching SBS last night – a show about inspirational teachers. The kids, all refugees, were asked what they liked about Australia.
    A lot of them answered – Everything!

    I think it’s easy to get all caught up and stuck in one perspective, which is what happens to a lot of people. All one needs to do is look beyond oneself, and it is obvious how good most of us have it.

  2. Friggin Great post Cam! Nice summary of much of what you have been thinking about for the last year or so (well probably longer) This is a mantra that we all need to be saying to ourselves everyday, people often shriek at the idea that I support a family on less than 50k a year and live in probably Perth’s most bogan suburb. It’s so easy to start thinking I need a new car rather than one that’s 10 years old, I need to live in a nicer suburb, I need to regular go on interstate or even overseas holidays. This is all a meaningless chasing of the wind (apologies for the biblical reference 😉 ) the reality is I’m living the high life it’s just that I spend my time comparing myself to the people richer than me.

    Thanks for the post, really encouraging, the world needs more people like you.

    Great to see what you look like without sunglasses. Do you mind if I embed that video on my Blog, with a link to your blog obviously?

  3. Fantastic insight Cameron. I listened to a Dan Carlin´s hardcore history podcast (A fly on James Burke´s Wall, www.http://www.dancarlin.com/hhpage1.asp) where he interviewed the historian James Burke. Mr. Burke said that the most important paradigm shift happening is society´s transition from a society of scarcity to a society of abundance. But attitude of gratidute is also very important as it only speeds up the change. Technology plays a major part in this revolution taking place, one thing describing it being the fact that information about money is more valuable than money itself. Also are interesting to study is Kurzweil´s singularity ideas when we will reach a point where “stuff” will become essentially free. We are beginning to see this happening as with low cost airlines in Europe where you can essentially fly for free within Europe.

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