G’Day World Video – Peter Ellyard discusses “Designing 2050”

I had the pleasure once again today to catch up with Dr Peter Ellyard, Australia’s leading futurist, one of our most popular public speakers and, of course, author of the historic first book published by TPNTXT:

“Designing 2050: Pathways to sustainable prosperity on spaceship earth”.

The auction for two signed proof copies of the book can be found here. The auction ends 15-Jun-08 22:11:27 AEST.

You can buy a new copy of “Designing 2050”, either in paperback or ebook format, here.

Watch the video interview:

2 thoughts on “G’Day World Video – Peter Ellyard discusses “Designing 2050”

  1. Every body who wants to have a better life for themselves, family and their

    country should read this book as it is full of new ideas and ways to think

    about and most importantly because it will help to get each person feeling

    that they too can make a real contribution…….and apart from all the above it

    is a great book to read ! C ongratulations, Peter Ellyard.

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